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Institute for Diaspora Research and Genocide Studies

at the Institute for Social Movements ISB / RUB 

The Institute for Diaspora and Genocide Studies was founded with the aim of combining research on the causes and structures of collective, state-based persecution and violence with a pointed research on the individual, social and political consequences of collective violence.

Interdisciplinary Research Institute
Research on the structures of collective violence, on the causes and processes of genocide and on the intergenerational consequences of persecution and genocide.

Research - Teaching - Education - Knowledge Transfer
Tasks in the field of research, university and non-university teaching, the promotion of young scientists, as well as historical and political education.

A special connection to the University of Bochum
Promotion of networking, focus on research and teaching activities on forms of collective violence and genocide, on migrations, exile and diaspora at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

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